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CLC supports the development of the whole child through Early Childhood Care and Education, Early Interventions and Access for All


All children reach their full potential when given a strong start.


The Learning Center was founded to provide developmental screenings and early interventions in Teton County.

The Learning Center expanded to provide the same services in Sublette County.

The Learning Center added inclusive preschool classrooms in Teton and Sublette Counties.

Teton County Early Head Start became part of The Learning Center.

Teton County Head Start was added to The Learning Center.

The Learning Center merged with Community Children’s Project (CCP) to become Children’s Learning Center.

The Rafter J Ranch facility of Children’s Learning Center opened in Jackson, doubling the childcare slots at CLC and housing Teton County’s Special Education department.

The Mercill facility opened in Jackson, with 15,000 sq. ft., 109 children and housing Teton County Education department, Head Start department and Regional office.


Kindergarten Readiness
CLC collaborates with Teton County School District and Systems of Education to prepare pre-schoolers for successful transitions to kindergarten and we host panel discussions with parents and providers.

Infant Care
CLC is helping organizations establish their own parent co-ops for infant care. CLC helped Public Health develop an on-site infant care that serves four infants.


Teton County owns the land and the building. We have a long term $1/yr. lease. The building is 2 years old, 15,000 sqf, houses 7 classrooms, and 120 children.

Rafter J
Teton County owns the land and the building. CLC has a long term $1/yr. lease. The building is 5 years old, 11,960 sqf, houses 5 classrooms, 85 children, and Teton County’s Special Education program.

CLC owns the building and the land. Ownership reverts to the county in the event CLC ceases to offer intervention services. The building is 14 years old, 6,066 sqf, houses 2 classrooms, 29 children and Pinedale’s Special Education program.

Big Piney
CLC leases space in the recreation center from the town of Big Piney for $463/mo. We have 4,800 sqf, which houses 2 classrooms, 29 children, and Big Piney’s Special Education program.


National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) sets standards for excellence in early education. Organization-wide we meet or beat national standards for developmentally appropriate practices and student-teacher ratios in all classrooms. CLC’s early childhood education and care program is holistic and inclusive.

Wyoming Department of Family Services is our state licensing agency.

Curriculum and Curriculum Assessment
Creative Curriculum (research based, holistic), the Pyramid Model (framework for social-emotional development), Teaching Strategies Gold (assessment tool to track developmental progress of children) , and CLASS (assessment tool to measure classroom effectiveness) are used to ensure CLC is providing consistent care throughout the organization.

Early Head Start (EHS)
EHS services (child development, health, parenting, and family support for ages birth to 3) are delivered at family homes for 48 children.

Head Start (HS)
HS is our program for children ages 3-5 from at-risk families; it is 6 hours per day, 4 days a week, 10 months a year; for 40 children.

Special Education
CLC is designated by the state as Region 4 –including Teton and Sublette Counties – providing free developmental screenings and early interventions to any child birth through 5 as part of the state funded “Child Find Program.” Services are delivered at childcare centers, CLC facilities, and/or in homes.

Early Childhood Education and Care Program
Teton County’s full day, year-round childcare and education program serves children ages 6 weeks through 5 years old and offers various preschool options including Montessori. About a 25% of the students also receive Special Education services. Sublette County offers half-day preschool 10 months annually, for 3 to 5 year olds. Up to 40% of the students are receiving Special Education services. Sublette programs are NAEYC accredited.

Amount of scholarships awarded in FY 2018

Faculty & Children


Total number of permanent faculty members, including 42 teachers and 18 Special Education professionals.


Number of faculty members who have worked at CLC for 5 years or more.


Number of free developmental screenings completed in FY 2018 in two counties.


Number of children identified as needing Special Education services in FY 2018.


Number of children in Teton County’s full day early childhood care and education program.


Number of children in Sublette County preschool programs in Pinedale and Big Piney.


Number of children in Head Start and Early Head Start.


Number of meals and snacks prepared and served in Teton County daily.


Childcare & Preschool

While certain programs including Early Head Start and Head Start are based on economic need, there are childcare and preschool opportunities for all young children. For child care and preschool programs we offer a sliding scale tuition rates based on income and scholarships for eligible families. All young children are encouraged to participate in Children’s Learning Center’s Developmental Screening Program.

Many programs and services are provided at no cost to families, including Head Start, Early Head Start, and Special Education Services. In our tuition programs, we keep costs as low as possible by fundraising and applying for grants. And tuition assistance in available.

Although we receive grants from the Federal and State governments, we are a private, non-profit organization.

Children’s Learning Center staff can refer you to the appropriate contact in your home county if you are looking for services from Head Start, Early Head Start, or Special Education.  If you are looking for child care or preschool, we would love to care for your child or children!

We provide literacy tools including reading to the children daily, teaching the alphabet as well as the sounds letters make, and challenging children to recognize certain words, including their own name and the names of their friends.  The competencies that Teton County School District uses to measure kindergarten readiness are available as a download below along with a note from the principal of Jackson Elementary School.

Kindergarten Readiness

Please call the Regional Office at 307-733-1616.

Head Start

Contact The Head Start Administrative offices at 307-734-3896.

Families that are put on the waiting list are ranked according to need, not on a “first come, first serve” basis.  Your family situation will be assessed based on federal guidelines and you will be assigned a ranking based on that assessment.  Children’s Learning Center has been very successful in keeping waiting lists down to a minimum so that services are provided to families in need as quickly as possible.

Early Head Start and Head Start are provided at no charge to the family.

No, your child does not have to speak English at enrollment.  Once enrolled, your child will be immersed in a dual language atmosphere (Spanish/English) that is geared toward getting them ready for English language kindergarten.

Early Head Start
245 E Deloney
Jackson, WY 83001

Head Start
245 E Deloney
Jackson, WY 83001

For more information on National Early Head Start and Head Start Programs, the following link might be useful:  http://faq.acf.hhs.gov

Special Education

Developmental screenings offer parents an opportunity to learn more about how their child is developing.  Screenings address the areas of problem solving, movement, communication, personal-social skills, and vision and hearing.

Any child in Teton or Sublette County, from birth through age 5 is encouraged to take part in the free developmental screenings.

Screenings are conducted at Children’s Learning Center facilities in Teton and Sublette counties at other childcare facilities and may be scheduled in homes.  Special accommodations can be made with CLC staff.

Children’s Learning Center staff will help you schedule an appointment for further evaluation and gather more information from you and/or your child’s physician.

An evaluation is a more in depth look at a child’s skills and abilities.  Results of the evaluation can help determine if your child is eligible to receive supportive services.

Screenings and therapy, if needed, are provided at no cost to the family.

The state of Wyoming has identified Children’s Learning Center as the provider of these services for Teton and Sublette counties.  Funding is provided by the state for this program.

Children’s Learning Center provides therapy where your child will benefit the most.   We visit children in their homes, at preschools and at Children’s Learning Center’s special education sites.

If you live in Victor or Driggs and need information on developmental programs for you child, please call the Idaho Careline 1-800-926-2588.

Yes, an appointment is necessary to bring your child in for a developmental screening.  The staff is available to help you at any time if you call 733-3791 to schedule an appointment.

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