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Miriam Lenz

Teacher, Mercill Campus
Work Phone: 307.733.5346


My name is Miriam Lenz and I am an Aide in the Montessori classroom.  I have been teaching Montessori preschool for thirty years.  I obviously love it.  I previously taught elementary school and loved that too.  When my oldest son was preschool age we put him in a Montessori preschool.  We were in awe of what he learned.  Then his teacher moved.  We had two other children who needed Montessori.  We hired a nanny and I took the American Montessori program in Boulder, Colorado.  I bought the school and have been teaching since that time. In 2000 I was asked to bring my program to what was then the Community Children’s Project.  C.C.P. evolved into Children’s Learning Center. My husband, Bob, and I moved to Jackson in 1975 from Montana.  We have four children, three of whom have been Montessori trained.